Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Album on vinyl!

The Farblos debut album Nothing left for us to see is now available as a limited vinyl edition!

Again provided by the Spanish indie label Dead Wax Records, this album features not only exclusive artwork by David Lanna and Visions of Libbity and a different track order (for which there were several reasons), but even somewhat different track length on some songs, and a sound that has been especially remastered for a vinyl release.

It is now available on the FARBLOS MERCH SITE on Bandcamp, as well as on Dead Wax' own website.

Note that with every record there also comes an exclusive download link for Bandcamp, which gives you a free digital copy as well!

Friday, 30 October 2015


Finally, the debut album entitled Nothing left for us to see has been released today!

It features four brand new recordings of already well-known demo songs, the finally official release of 'Never too late', as well as five completely new tracks, ranging from classical Darkwave, via more Coldwave/Gothrock inspired material to atmospheric Ethereal Wave songs, in three languages.

For the moment it is available for download only and can be found at BandCamp, iTunes or Amazon.
You will notice that at 10€ the BandCamp download is a little more costly, but only here the greatest part of financial benefit lies with the artist (and thus the future of Farblos recordings) and not with the corporation simply acting as a dealer.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Album Release: 30 Oct. 2015!

Finally all work on the Farblos debut album is complete!

After two years of work F. Karnstein and producer Fabian Zirkler finally agreed on the last mix versions for Nothing Left For Us To See, and Fabian and his colleague went into mastering the other week, so that the digital release is now due - one day before Hallowe'en.

First and foremost you will be able to download the album on Farblos' BandCamp account, including a detailed PDF booklet with all lyrics, credits and infos.
But you will also be able to get it on all the regular music download sources like iTunes and Amazon (though without the booklet).

Note that for the moment this is a digital release only!
We are working on physical releases for all you out there who have asked for records and CDs in the past.
They are definitely going to come, but several unpredictable problems have resulted in some unfortunate delay.

The album will contain 10 tracks, some of which will be re-recordings of demo tracks that have never been completely satisfying, while others are completely new, covering a range from dark synthpop via Cold Wave and Post-Punk influences to Ethereal Wave tracks, with most songs being somewhere in between.

Join us on the Facebook event!

Saturday, 26 September 2015

It's been a while since work on the debut album started.
Back in late summer of 2013 Farblos made the first step into Fabian Zirklers Obscure Music studio with a lot of demo tracks some of which made it onto the final release, some of which somehow never worked and and still gather dust in some drawer, and some of which have completely been scrapped and replaced by tracks that were written during the production process.

Finally most work is over, so that October 2015 will see the release of NOTHING LEFT FOR US TO SEE one day before Hallowe'en, so you can play it at your parties ;)

Details on the release and where to order it will be made public very soon!

Monday, 27 July 2015

Shirts for a special price (Winterherz back in stock!)

As promised we worked on getting the WINTERHERZ shirt back in stock, and we managed to get the remaining stock items of Unknown Pleasure shop, which can now be purchased for a special price of 12,50€, as long as they last.

We also got a remaining stock of FARBLOS logo shirts (regular white on black), which will also be 12,50€. Both are available as regular T-shirts as well as contoured girly shirts in S, M, and L.

Furthermore, each shirt will come with a free pin featuring the FARBLOS logo (black on white, or vice versa), and you may just add some info, if you would like shipping to happen in some particular way (we would have to talk about shipping costs in such cases). In general we will try to make it as cheap as possible by using standard posting where it is available.

Visit the Farblos BandCamp account to place your order!

Monday, 18 May 2015

New Shop

Since our previous provider Unknown Pleasure is not available at the moment (and will be back with a somewhat shifted focus) the Farblos merch shop has been relocated to

As before the Farblos logo is available on regular black shirts as well as black girlie shirts and the pins come in white on black and black on white. But additionally there's now also a ladies' tank top now, as well as a black on grey logo shirt for those of you who dare to wear some "colour" ;)
There's also a black on grey pin now, as well as one featuring the Winterherz logo.

We're working on getting the Winterherz shirts back in stock but encounter some technical difficulties at the moment. The same goes for the pins, which are at the moment only available in packs of six.

UPDATE: Unfortunately the producer later decided that the black logo cannot be provided on the dark grey shirt, so we unfortunately had to settle for a lighter tone than the one shown here.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Last album recording session

Today I paid my last regular visit to Obscure Music Studio to record and arrange the final little bits and pieces for the upcoming album.
From now on Fabian Zirkler is going to spend a lot of time mixing and I working on artworks and designs, until we get together again for a last mixing session together (or maybe a few of them).

Stay tuned for the album!
Details will get to you soon!

(And maybe you'd like to shorten the waiting time with a copy of ...und der Regen fällt on vinyl? ;) )